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A Guide to Getting a Reliable Professional Transportation Management System

Jun 20

Whether you are in an industry that requires logistical efficiency and compliance, such as the transportation, logistics, and supply chain management sectors, or if you are in a smaller but no less critical industry, such as retail, having suitable transportation management systems in place will help you optimize your operations, saving time and money. With our transportation management systems provider, we offer the best of both worlds for optimizing your fleet. Our suite of products provides the powerful tools necessary to streamline the management of your fleet and optimize your shipping for maximum efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about the critical features of MessageXpress transportation management systems.

Fleet Tracking

MessageXpress’ fleet tracking feature offers unparalleled insights into your fleet’s operations and performance. This lets you locate your vehicles and monitor their speed in real-time. Moreover, you can detect any irregularities in your systems and identify potential problems before they arise. This helps you create more efficient route delivery plans and maximize your fleet’s efficiency. 

Automated Performance Analysis

Automated performance analysis is an essential feature of any successful transportation management system. Utilizing this feature lets you easily track your fleet’s performance and stay ahead of the latest trends and advancements in the transportation industry. Furthermore, you can use the report insights to identify cost-saving opportunities and areas for improvement. 

Advanced Reporting

Our truck routing software includes comprehensive and detailed reporting features. You will be able to track your fleet's progress using graphical reports that allow you to monitor the performance of your fleet and analyze route patterns. With this information, you can make informed decisions on how to optimize your deliveries for maximum efficiency.

Emergency Notifications

Swift action is essential for successful transportation fleets when accidents or emergencies occur. That’s why our transportation management system includes an emergency notification system that immediately alerts you on mobile devices in the case of an incident. This allows you to act fast and ensure your fleet is managed quickly and efficiently. 

Data Storage

Our transportation management system software has a centralized data storage system that lets you store important documents like manifests, invoices, and contracts securely and in one place. This eliminates paperwork and provides easy access to the necessary documents. 

Optimized Scheduling

The MessageXpress trucking management software provides sophisticated scheduling and rescheduling capabilities that quickly adapt to traffic patterns, customer requirements, and delivery times. This ensures that your fleet is always prepared for unexpected changes and that each shipment is delivered on time and according to customer requirements.