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Test and Tag | What are Test Tags?

Feb 23

Test and Tag Melbourne


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"The test and tagging process requires a tag displaying the overall PASS / FAIL outcome to be attached to the appliance."

"Our tags include the date it was checked, when it is due for retesting, the Electrician responsible for the task and the ID detail of the asset being tested" explained Damien Parnis, the Owner of Altona Test and Tag who specialise in Testing and Tagging Melbourne and Victoria.


What are the Colours for Tags used when Tagging?

A colour coding system can also be used to alert users that an appliance is overdue for retesting even without any text on the tag. This can be achieved through colour combinations and tag types to visually indicate how long it has been since an appliance was last checked, or when it is scheduled to be checked again.

There are essentially two scenarios:

1) Construction or Demolition is required to use the specified test tag colours.

2) For All other industries we use a generic white  tag which may coincide with a different colour tag to indicate multiple testing periods at the same location..

So as shown above when it comes to demolition or construction sites there are specific tag colours that those industries must adhere to during particular months of the year.

They are set out here:

●     December - February: Red Tags

●     March - May: Green Tags

●     June - August: Blue Tags

●     September - November: Yellow Tags

These colours are also used in both marine and mining sites.


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How To Manage Tag Colours?

For sites consisting of a large quantity of electrical assets, there is no legislatively required colour scheme for tagging your electrical wires. It's a matter of personal preference as to what colours are chosen.

A simple way of identifying if an appliance is in service or not is to assign a colour tag to each retest interval. For example, if using six-monthly retest intervals start by applying BLUE tags.

When it comes time to retest all the appliances then apply GREEN tags and after that - Apply the RED tags and so on.

There are several advantages to using a simple colour coding system like this on larger sites; it is easy for anyone to identify if the appliance has been tested or not by looking at the tag colour.

Using Test Tags in Different Environments

Test Tags are often used in different working environments within the same business. There could be a scenario for 6-month intervals that tags cycle through in certain areas with colours like Blue, Green, Yellow or Red. Then in a different environment within the same business 12 month intervals are required. Therefore These could cycle through two alternating colours.

It is highly recommended to avoid periods where the same colour is being used at the same time for different intervals in the same environment.

Test and Tag Questions?

For more information about the test and tag colours, call a respected and qualified Electrician in Melbourne such as Altona Test and Tag who specialise in Test and Tag services. There is also more information on the need to test and tag please see the blog written specifically to outline  Victorian Test and Tag Requirements.


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