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Feb 23


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When it comes to the Smoke Alarms in your workplace, Altona Test & Tag can inspect, maintain and replace hard wired battery back up domestic smoke alarms

Smoke Alarm Inspection

Smoke alarm inspection services are necessary for properties and businesses to maintain safety at all times. With expert Electricians on your side, you can inspect and maintain your entire property with the necessary precautions in case of fire or hazard. Then, with the analysis, you can rest easy knowing you have an early warning in the case of fire. These devices are varied in options, but with our professional help, you can ensure that every installed item is up to code and fully operational. Read on to find out a bit more about these solutions.

A Full System

When you have a full range of detectors positioned throughout yourproperty or business, it is far easier to detect and cover all potential high-risk areas. Our professional team can work with you to ensure that the system you receive is geared toward protecting your property or business from all angles. Whether a multi-story, single-story, or semi-detached, we can ensure a device correctly covers every area of your building. With the full system installation, you can promise a safe and secure environment with an early warning system in case of danger arising from a fire.


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Professional Detection

Our professionals provide tools and resources to secure your property from potential risks. When dealing with legal guidelines, having these systems in place is required and must be up to a certain standard to protect your space. In addition, professional fire detection tools ensure you are aware of potential issues. This can help keep your area safe and secure at all times. When you work with our professionals, they can ensure every area is covered, and every device is up to standard with expectations.

Smoke alarm inspection helps you secure your property or business by aligning with all compliance elements and ensuring every device is up to scratch. With the right system, you can catch any issues before they become dangerous. Contact us today to find out more, or browse the site to see these services in detail.


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