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Test and Tag | Electrical Testing & Tagging - Portable Appliance & Power Testing Services

Feb 23


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The Test and Tag procedure is based on four steps.

Appliance testing and tagging services is an investment in your safety, whether it is being conducted within a residential property or a workplace. We conduct these services across Melton, Derrimut, Laverton North, Thomastown and beyond to ensure that our clients are safe to operate their devices. The Electrical Safety regulations in Victoria specifies measures you must take to ensure electrical safety compliance.. This testing and tagging service gives you insight into the state of your electrical assets and methods for maintaining your safety compliance.


The current Australian standard, AS/NZS 3760:2022, specifies the test and tag required is to be conducted by “competent” technicians to confirm the electrical safety of portable electrical appliances. This regulation refers to implementing these safety measures, which we adhere to ensuring you get services in line with expected national standards. Whilst the Australian standard does not mandate a Portable Appliance Tester or a qualified Electrician should be used to conduct these tests, the use of a PAT and Electrician remains one of our most comprehensive and efficient methods of ensuring an item's electrical safety. 


Our Electricians use a sophisticated PAT and thermal printer to test and tag your electrical appliances and print tags on site. As part of the process, our Electricians complete a comprehensive visual and electrical test on all electrical assets before they are deemed safe to use. Upon completion of electrical assets being inspected, tested and tagged, we will provide a digital concise report consisting of the latest test results. 


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Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is conducted by our Electrician prior to commencing electrical testing and includes a comprehensive inspection of all flexible power-using cords, plugs, connected appliances, and sockets. Covers and guards are checked to ensure they are attached correctly. Rattles are checked for small foreign objects that may impact safety during operation. Class II appliances are checked for deep engraving, which may impact the device's insulation when in use.

Electrical Tests

The following electrical tests must be completed on the appropriate equipment under AS/NZS 3760:2022:

  • Insulation resistance is key to ensuring no flaws or faults in the connection;
  • Leakage Current Testing will ensure that all power is converted and moved correctly without shorting or diverting power;
  • Polarity must be inspected to ensure orientation and operation remain smooth; and
  • Earth Resistance tests ensure that each device is earthed and no one is at risk of being shocked when using the item.

Appliance test and tag services can be ideal for any business or property. Often used devices can be faulty or flawed, leading to a risk of electrocution or power issues. You can protect your devices and your electrical system with the right power testing services. Contact us today to find out more.


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