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Test and Tag | What do the new Victorian regulations for Electrical Safety mean for Landlords?

Feb 22


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New regulations in Victoria dictate that landlords must perform electrical safety tests, such as RCD Testing, in all rented dwellings.

What are the new laws for Landlords in Victoria?


Victoria has recently implemented a new law requiring landlords to have electrical safety checks, such as RCD Testing, done every two years by a certified electrician. This must be documented in all residential tenancy agreements.

This law is intended to ensure that tenants are provided with a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment. As well - it will also ensure that landlords and rental agencies and property managers are held to a higher standard when it comes to providing quality living space for their tenants. 


What is the new legislation for Landlords?


The new Victorian legislation states:

  • The landlord must ensure RCD testing has occurred and keep records of the safety checks.
  • The inspection and RCD testing must comply withAS/NZS 3019:2022 Electrical Installations – Periodic Assessment standards.
  • Energy Safe Victoria suggests that a digital inspection record of the testing and tagging inspection be provided to the rental provider and kept by the licensed electrician. 
  • The renter must be provided with a record of the testing and tagging safety check if requested. The ESV says that “if an electrical safety check has not been conducted within the last two years at the time the renter occupies the premises” an electrical safety check must be provided “as soon as possible.


The legislation further outlines that “If the safety check shows electrical repairs are needed to make the property safe, the rental provider should engage a REC or a licensed electrician employed by a REC to do the repair work”.

Since this law was introduced in March 2021, it has highlighted the importance of regular testing and maintenance that needs to be implemented across the thousands of rental properties in Melbourne. Many properties have been at risk due to a lack of attention to electrical assets with very little risk assessment carried out. As a landlord or Property Agent, it is a key priority to ensure there are no hazards within the environment that the tenant will be occupying. Property managers and landlords need to ensure that they comply with these laws and should have processes in place for these checks as part of rental onboarding with new tenants.


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How long does it take to conduct an Electrical Safety Check? 


Damien Parnis from Altona Test and Tag says that usually, anywhere between 1 to 2 hours is enough to do all the checks that are required on a single installation. This is dependent on access to the switchboards, wiring, electrical devices, and equipment to make sure they are all tested and safe for tenants' continued use. Each home is slightly different, so he recommends making sure you have clear access to all the areas required. We have information on managing your electrical assets available here.


What can landlords expect during and after the Electrical Safety Testing?


Testing with RCDs is straightforward and inspecting, evaluating, and documenting prerequisites can be accomplished with very little disruption to the occupant of the premises. Upon completion, a certificate of inspection, complying with Victorian Electrical Safety Standards,  will be issued to the Property Manager or Landlord. Reputable Test and Tag technicians will always use minimal equipment and come in uniform with  identification and licences so landlords will have peace of mind when it comes to mitigating their own risk when engaging a professional.


Forgetting is no excuse


Landlord responsibilities for their building - commercial or residential cannot be taken lightly. The obligations that go along with being a landlord come with many requirements for compliance to ensure that by law, people and employees are taken care of when it comes to electrical safety. As stated on the Energy Safe Victoria website " If the safety check shows electrical repairs are needed to make the property safe, the rental provider should engage an REC or a licensed electrician employed by an REC to do the repair work."


How Can We Help Property Managers and Landlords?


Altona Test and Tag are the fully qualified experts you need when it comes to Electrical Safety Checks Melbourne wide. When you have so much at stake with your investment as a business owner, landlord or rental provider, it is vital you have an Registered Electrical Contractor to complete the work and provide you with the right advice. If you have questions or would like to know more about how Altona Test and Tag can help with testing and tagging your property’s electrical services such as switchboards, smoke alarms, emergency/exit lighting and electrical equipment throughout Melbourne, please get in touch by calling Damien Parnis on 0432 295 152


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