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Your Independent Escort Business

Jan 24

If you are thinking about becoming an independent escort, sex worker, or starting independently in the adult industry, you would also have to think about the corporate side of your business! This is something people very often overlook. However, these are the fundamentals of your independent escort business. In this blog, the ins and outs of starting your own independent escort business are described. In this blog, we will focus on independent escort businesses. However, just keep in mind that in any profession within the adult industry, a corporate structure and plan are very important!

If you want to read more about the several different adult/sex-related business opportunities in the adult industry, feel free to read our blog about sex jobs in the Netherlands. Don’t worry, you can do these sex jobs all over the world, so it is not a location-dependent business! Just to give you an example of this, take a look at the current Escort Advisor Worldwide escort page to see where other escorts are active.

As most people know, for some reason there is still a big taboo around escorts, sex work, and even sex in general. And this is actually a crazy conclusion when the Adult Entertainment market size was valued at USD 47670.92 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.12% during the forecast period, reaching USD 72034.88 million by 2027 (source: Yahoo). Besides that, sex work and escort sex are legal, and the same goes for most parts of Europe. * Always check if escorting is legal in your country before pursuing it! Escort Advisor Worldwide is one of the many adult businesses wanting to normalize the escort industry, while it is so big, and most of, legal in most places!


How do I start my independent escort business?

First things first, think about a catchy name for your escort business. Remember, this is your own independent escort business, so you want people to remember you. Not only a catchy name would help with this, but also a logo to fits your name. Both past & new clients will be able to remember your business. This way you are really starting a brand for yourself!

In order for you to be compliant with your local (tax) authorities, it is important to have a local business in the country you are active in. When you are just starting out your independent escort business, it is advisable to set up a sole proprietorship. Once your escort business starts to grow, it may be interesting to start looking at other entity types, like an Ltd for instance. A solid corporate structure is critical before starting your adult business. The main reason for this is that you are required to file your taxes as a legal business! If you are not sure when to switch entity types, feel free to consult with Escort Advisor Worldwide, as they had to go through the same thing!

Once your corporate setup is done, you are basically good to go. One important thing, how will you receive your hard-earned money? Not every mainstream bank works with adult-related businesses. Therefore, you should get in touch with certain niche banks, that can also onboard adult businesses. Escort Advisor Worldwide has many banking partners that could open your corporate bank account.

Do you prefer to receive your earnings in crypto, then this may also be possible. There are several service providers that offer excellent instant crypto/fiat conversation, even for the adult industry.

Now that your entire corporate structure is done, you will have to advertise your independent escort services somewhere. An escort directory like Escort Advisor Worldwide could be a great solution. They have a large (mainly) European audience, looking for escorts in specific cities across Europe. This way you won’t have to go after your clients, but they will find you!

You are finally starting to earn some good money with your independent escort business, good job! The final step for you to complete your entire escort business is filing your taxes. Yes, I know, filing your taxes is very boring and it requires some time. Unfortunately, it is required as an official business to comply with your local tax authorities. Now, we do understand that you may solely be interested in actually doing business in the adult industry. For this reason, it would be possible to hire a tax consultant with experience in the adult industry. Again, if you need assistance, feel free to consult the Escort Advisor Worldwide team.

Hopefully, this blog taught you that there are several things to think about before starting a legal escort business. As mentioned throughout the blog, Escort Advisor Worldwide has a lot of experience with the escort industry and is more than willing to support you during your new adventure.

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