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Locksmith Security

Jan 24

you're probably here because you want to know about locksmith security and that's something we can specialise in so you are definitely at the right place. Do you now want a state of the art security locks helpful  for all your residential, commercial or industrial property? Do you want peace of mind, safe in expert the knowledge that you are protected.



There are many actions you can take, with little or no financial investment that you can take. Which will help you keep your electronics safe from theft at home. any people want to steal expensive electronic items to make sure you do not become the next victim of crime and make sure a locksmith can upgrade all of your security to make sure all of your valuables are safe.  or when you are on the move.


When at home, good security habits such as always keeping your portables locked away when not in use is recommended. If it’s items you use or this is even better if you have something that you can look all of your valuables in so then everybody can touch the them and don’t want to spend the time packing them away each time you go out of the room.


items such as TV’s, computer towers and other valuables which you cannot hide away are also best placed in your room in such a way that they are not seen from the outside. it's always good to keep valuables safe as a locksmith would recommend to anybody.

The best practice to take to heart when wanting to keep your electronics safe from theft at home. Is to ensure you have the right home security installed. That means correct and up to date locks. A burglar alarm system. And a set of good security habits in practice. 



At Swift Locksmiths, your security, is OUR priority.

Unlike other emergency locksmiths, we really care about your security and protecting all of your locks doors keys Windows and over valuables that I had inside your home. Swift locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, so before you call any other garage, or emergency locksmith, try Swift us and see if we can beat your best quote! It’s our promise to you to provide the best possible service for the best possible price.


Attention locksmith customers

Attention all students! did you know that many students leave home and have all of this stuff stolen because they don't have any clue about security to make sure that all of your stuff is protected and called locksmith to change a keys because everybody in the neighbourhood is probably a set of keys that you don't know about. The importance of keeping your items safe, out of line of sight and remembering to shut and lock windows and doors when not present is not something to be taken lightly. For many students the risk extends further than just the financial value the lost item holds, often things like coursework, media files, photos and much more.

On top of that, the chance of finding a device or laptop after it’s been stolen is very slim, and finding it in a state where the data is retrievable is even less likely.


Two Top Tips

We aim to provide security advice which is applicable and that people can make use of in their homes and their everyday lives, as well as provide professional advice by industry experts on specific security scenarios. 

The first thing that comes to mind when you ask someone with regards to security, is usually the association of how and what type of locks that are on the building. 

The second thing is with regards to UPVC doors. Something that we would like to raise awareness of is the opportunity to installing a deadbolt at the top of bottom of our UPVC door. This will provide you with extra security when you’re not there, as well as keep you safer at night. 

There is of course no one single factor that makes a home or office building secure, however, if you get in touch with a team of locksmith service experts you would want them to give your security solution their full attention. many customers contact us because they want to know they have the best locks and keys that you can possibly buy so what you need to do is call us and we will come to your house and change the locks we'll make sure you've got the best logs and nobody can break into the door and we also have a good deal on all of our new cylinders so contact us now.

And that is exactly what you are sure to get, if you come to one of the most hardworking and honorable service providers in the area. There is no need to take our word for it, you can make contact with any of our previous customers to have our diligence confirmed, and of course if you have any queries in mind, you can give us a call directly.

A caring swift locksmith provider will always be there to take your call and we answer your questions happily with a broad base of knowledge about the industry as well as the current security market today.


It’s hard to ensure that ends meet in a good way and that savings can be made in the appropriate way to ensure a good future for yourself and your family. This is something that your swift locksmiths service team empathises with greatly, and coupled with our firm belief that today, all homes need a good security situation, the team always aim to provide the best possible security solutions, at the best possible price. we are locksmiths to know everything about locks and keys and doors so what you want to do is call us when you need to call a locksmith don't call anybody else because we are fully insured and we can be there in 30-minutes.

Affordability is a prime factor for your caring locksmith service team, as to ensure that homes which are worth a whole lifetime of work and effort don’t stand without protection against the threats which are common today. If this is the first thought you are giving your security situation at home, we recommend  security standards as they lay across the industry. And it cannot be emphasised enough just how important it is today to ensure that you have proper protection in place. don't become the next victim of crime really want to be living in a neighbourhood that has neighbourhood watch so that you know your neighbours are keeping all your stuff when you're out because the last thing you want is a criminal to break into house and walking to your door because you didn't have the right lock on the door so what you want to do is make sure you put the right lock on the door and every single time you go out you want to make sure you double lock it with a 5 lever mortice lock or if you can't do that then perhaps you have a plastic door and you can pull up the hand and make sure it's locked properly.

Your swift locksmith service knows that security thinking goes a long way, and we can help you to a good mind set on the matter as well.

Bolts for your doors

When it comes to your door security at home or at work, there is the traditional dead bolt which will always act as strong protection against attack

For many thieves and potential burglars who may also be opportunistic in mind, will often turn at the sight of additional dead bolts on your door. So ensuring you have multiple points of locking on your door, also acts as a strong deterrent in these cases.. Perfect installation is required for the lock to retain maximum capacity to protect, and with only tried, tested and trusted lock brands in stock. Your dead bolts will be guaranteed up to the highest British Lee Lee standard.

Of course having extra bulky locks installed is only part of a vaster home security solution, and if you are wondering about how you can improve on your own situation. Call your swift locksmith service and find out how your home security situation can be improved and maintained.


In addition, today there are many security products and practices one can put into place to ensure that a safe and secure scenario is kept both in the environment we work.thief’s point of view than a gravel walkway which is well lit and has an alarm panel on the front of the house.

To a great degree, the risks you face at home can be minimise by simple actions with little time and energy investment . security is really worth the Investment because you may underspending £200 to secure a property however this could save you thousands of pounds to the mat is really simple why wouldn't you spend the money anybody who wants to have a nice of your house would definitely be spending £200 or service year to make sure I have good luck so nobody breaks into the house and steals all their expensive stuff worth 10 grand.


Due to the fact that keeping a good security appearance from the outside plays a vital role in how likely your home is to get picked by a burglar. If you are unsure of where to start with all of this, please feel free to call your swift locksmith service team, we are happy to answer any questions on your mind. You could also book in for a security consultation with the trained team and find out how you can keep your home safe and secure, also on a budget.

Keep in mind small things like good out door lights, proper locks and some thought in how you keep your valuables, your swift locksmith team knows can push your security status forward by a great degree. these will be looking around trying to steal your stuff to make sure the locksmith gives you a new keys and puts on the correct locks on your door because the last thing you want is to find when you come home the next day because your office or business premises have been empty all night long is that the thief has broken through the door broken the lock and stolen all of your things contact us now and we'll make sure that does not happen we can install sorts of security measures and doors and locks and windows and make sure that your property is very safe so when you're not there nobody still to start. 


 There are no good reasons to stay subject to unnecessary risks, especially when they can be reduced or removed by affordable means. Please call your swift locksmith service team today with your questions, and of course you can always get in touch if you are in need of any of our services.

Your locksmith service knows that the wide sea of security products available today is enough to make anyone feel confused. This is of course why the services and products provided, are ones which stand the test and come from known, reliable and trusted sources. The brands we keep in stock for everything from the basic lock, up to the fully integrated home security system are thing which are guaranteed to keep you as safe and secure as can be.

Your locksmith team is always working, scanning the industry market for the products which our customers need, and that from a basis of what is actually practical, efficient and of the highest possible standard in quality. Ensuring our customers are kept well protected is something we feel personal responsibility for, and in speaking to your locksmith service today, we will be able to find just the right home security solution for you. did you know that locksmith can open doors all day long and all night so let's say for example you're locked out of your house and what you need to do is give us a call and we will come round and get you in usually we can get there in about 30-minutes and what happens if we will arrive with lots of tall and the locks and we will get you into your house and change the locks of necessary that this is a fantastic service and you will be glad to know that it's a very cheap locksmith service as well so make sure when you call you ask for a discount and get a great price when you're locked out of your house you can get back in and do need to sleep in a hotel all night long.


Your locksmith service knows that one of the main causes for worry and concern among small business owners is the security of their premises when it’s left unattended. This especially true for those who keep valuable computer and office equipment or valuable stock at their place of work. To ensure that you have the measures in place, keeping your valuables not under good physical protection, but which keeps you in line with your insurance policies as well as letting you rest without worries to the before mentioned, get in touch with a locksmiths who understands your needs. whatever your feelings are don't worry we care because we know that people like caring locksmiths everybody wants a caring locks me to take care of everything not just your locks and your security but then he listens to your feelings I understand everything about you and everything that is wrong with you so will you do not need to think about anything ever again you can just stand there and let your doors be opened while we do all the thinking and worrying.


Each place of work is different, and the risks of each area vary greatly depending on a wide range of factors, something which can cause confusion if you are looking to instate a good security solution for you. By consulting a trusted locksmith service you will not only gain a good understanding of your own security situation, but also find the help you need to keep your premises secure to the highest level when you are not there to attend.



Is your home security outdated? Are you tired of your old style, less reliable cylinder locks, and feel that you would benefit from peace of mind provided by brand new, state of the art, anti snap locks? Look no further.

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. We know our customers have built many precious memories in their home. locksmiths at home as well because locksmiths are actually people you may not realise that locksmiths are part of the human race and they have him to go to and they also have locks on their doors and when they have their log they make sure they put the best odds on the door that's why if you call a locksmith and ask him what dogs do you have on your door he will tell you that he has the best Star lock that money can buy so that nobody can come into his house when he's not there because if you think about it a lot level look a bit silly if somebody walked into his house because he did not have the correct locks on his tool do you know what I mean?

locks around, ensuring maximum security for you and your home around the clock.

We are a quality locksmith provider renowned all over the country for our incredible, friendly, low cost service. What’s more we can offer competitive package prices if you need more than one lock fixing or fitting anywhere in your residential property. Windows, doors, conservatories, you name it, we’ve got the tools to do the job.


In that situation you want anto quickly jump to the task and get you back inside.

Lock and key it's one of the Solutions we offer if you need a new lock and a new key what happens if we come to your house with lots of locks and we can change your locks and give you a new locks and new keys then you may need to consider if you need to give them you locked it because say for example you have students or people in your house renting then you will need to give them a new key for the lock because you lots come with 5 keys generally or if they are the help and they will come with three keys so you may need to work out where you're going to give your keys copied so that everybody has a spare key as well.

Don't try and sort out your lock problem today call us instead and let us sort it out for you without any stress or fuss. If you call us our locksmiths can fit around your busy schedule because we operate.

. Should you ever find yourself locked out of your home and need to regain access fast, get in touch and a trained professional with the tools to handle any lock out situation will be with you swiftly.

There is no better time than now to make sure that you are on the ball, and that your security at home is up to scratch, and that you are in fact protected against the threats that are currently out there. you meeting the security threats I just something on the people need to think about what you would be mistaken because it is something that everybody must think about so we are asking you now to reconsider your home security and watch out if there are there goes around because we can secure your property for you at he breaks record of today.

Education form a locksmith

With your swift locksmith service you will be able to educate yourself, and see with eyes more aware of your security situation. Keeping safety in mind for yourself and your loved ones is not something which need to take a much time or effort. it needn't be a worry for anybody in you or your family to think about because there's something that we can take care of what you need to do is make sure you call us and we will come along and upgrade your security will make sure you have good 5 lever mortice locks and lock that will keep out people you don't want to know him that something that we can take care of so make sure you give us a call or your wife will be going on at you for the rest of your life he didn't call it when you actually needed to call a locksmith but you didn't want to spend 100 quid and now you've got nothing left in your house. Your swift locksmith team knows the key areas and the most vital factors to each security situation.

Your swift locksmith team believes that it should be easy to keep a secure home, so that you can keep your focus on the things that you love doing. And in speaking with a trained professional you will attain good insight to how you can through routine and understanding of where it’s best to spend your money should you wish to invest a little for that extra peace of mind. the last thing you want if you're an old person has to be laid there at night thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong and why you didn't spend some money on a bit of security so that you can sleep well at night give us a call now will take care of it we don't mind what time it is and what day it is will come round and sort you out at a good price.

know the full history of occupants to the house, and often there are no records kept of who has, and who has made spare keys.

By installing new fresh locks on your doors and windows you can ensure that you are the sole key holder, and you know who has access to your home. A professional locksmith can have your door and window locks changed swiftly and usually flexible to suit a time good for you. you need to think the many windows have been there for a very long time and the security on his windows is very poor so what happens if there was will look to that as a weak point and they will see to make it to your windows don't even need to smash the windows if you've got rubbish locks on those windows from the block and break into your house is still your goodies.

Of course there is the option of buying and installing a lock yourself, however this is not something we recommend, as many home DIY places lacks the expertise to advice on good locks, and a faulty installation of a lock may both cause a security threat and potentially lessen its longevity.

your family, your property and your belongings. do you really want to waste your Sunday when you could be watching football when I get us to do the job but probably do it in a fraction of the time and you can enjoy your football what we do the DIY the chances are you do a bad job anyway I will do professional job and 10 times quicker than you could possibly done it plus also you get to watch the match.

Just like we for many years have helped individuals finding the best security solution for their individual property, our experts can help you find what is best suited to your situation. In our advice we draw upon the wide range of practical and applicable experience we have, and can help give you anything from small pointers on what you can do to improve your home security as well as make sure that your risk areas are as safe and secure as they can be.


If you are one of the many who are currently thinking about your own home security, why not get in touch with us and improve on your home security without adding a strain on your financial situation. maybe you should go to the bank and ask him if he can give you a loan because if you haven't got any security on the house then there's something we need to think about going to work investigate if I was you a good under the bank manager asking for 200 quid and see if that can sort it out.


. So in getting a security survey done at your property will not only help protection you physically, as well as financially should an unfortunate situation occur.

So get in touch today, and we'll help find the perfect security solution which is right for you, your security situation, your property as well as your budget.barrel locks and Security Solutions and all budgets it doesn't matter if you're a bit of a cheapskate or if you're loaded was sorted out whatever the problem.

Swift Locksmiths provide these services 24/7 365 days of the year with no call out fees even on weekends and bank holidays, swift locksmith don't mess around.

thing else from the time you call us to the time we get out to you an sole any locksmith issue you may have all you'll know is professionalism.

With a vast background your swift locksmith service team have found the essence of what makes a good security situation at home.

You can always bring your questions to your helpful locksmith service, and gladly you will be help to a better understanding of your security needs. 

Over the years we have also come to understand our customer’s needs, and found out by much investigation and hard work just how we can provide for all factors involved. 

A trusted and long running service who goes straight to the point of keeping This motivation together with innovative and applicable custom built security solutions for each home lies base for this wonderful locksmith service teams hard work. Don’t hesitate to call at any time! in fact we really looking forward to your call we want to make sure that you give us a call and we get the job because there are lots of competitive locksmiths out there that we find that we are the cheapest so what you want to do is give us a call to any problem that needs a locksmith perhaps a locked out of your garage locked out of one of your windows baby you've been locked out of your car or your home may be lost the keys or perhaps the locks and keys further down the drain and no need to call a locksmith whatever it is don't worry get us round and we can sort it out because we've got a van full of locks and keys so whatever lock needs changing whatever locksmith requirement you have called us and we'll get you sorted out.


Your swift locksmith team is always up to date with the latest news within the industry. We are aware of the high importance of this, to ensure the security of our customers. Down to the smallest details such as what type of locking mechanisms are currently under threat is kept a close eye on by the team here. 

Being sure that you have the security which is needed in your home or for your business is up to date is the specialty and responsibility of your trusted locksmith service provider. And if there is any other swift locksmith service which you may be in need of, it can of course also be found here. This is inclusive of the 24 hour emergency service we provide. This is there so that you are never left without what you need, when you need it the most. Save our number, and get in touch for more information today!

some people say that they wish they called a locksmith he gets a locksmith number inside their telephone because when it actually happens and you need a locksmith you may be forced to call one of the other locksmith to us at the top of Google the problem with some of these locksmiths is that the every charge because they have very high advertising costs so what you need to do is. Colin locksmith local and had good reviews and you know it's not going to rip you off because the last thing you wanted to come home and find your locked out because this is already in use.  Since and then what you want to do is get out of this problem for the least amount of money possible so, therefore I suggest what you have is a handy locksmith number someone you can call you you will know is going to charge a fair price are worth their price depends on where you live so for example if you live in London you can expect to pay around 20 to 40% more. However, lost his job on average is about £100 with locks is Mego 220 250se for example however anything above this is starting to become expensive and of course if you end up spending 500 pounds are £1,000 and you probably never had the massive problem here and you really need to questions after what it is you've got yourself into.

Know how, as well as access to and use of the latest security technology, to ensure we get the job done to the highest and most secure standard possible.

Even if it’s just a new set of keys you’re after, we can help with our quality key cutting service. We cut the keys while you wait!

We always use non destructive entry methods first where possible because we know you respect your property, so we always strive to do the same.

So whether it’s an emergency or you’re just considering an upgrade in security, before you do ANYTHING else, dial now for the affordable quality you can trust. Call Swift Locksmiths now. The best locksmiths for peace of mind in your home for miles around.

Our reputation precedes us and our customers love us did you know the people are sending from the Treetops those wonderful locksmiths with lock Mercedes such a great job they operate all around the country and they did really good job opening all the door closer as well they tidy up after themselves you can come round and then leave a mess and then it charges a massive price, that's why most of our customers whenever they had to use us will often recommended to friends so I phone is ringing non-stop all the time.  People who been recommended asking us to come round and sort that locked out help us help us they say come and save as we need our logs changing Swift locksmiths is always there and it's really the business you can rely on is the time for personal business you want when there's a problem is the person who is reliable and trusted that's who we are give us a call.

. Advice on how you can keep your home, your loved ones, and your beloved belongings secure is given from a swift locksmith team who always puts your priorities first. Keeping a high class service available to all, as ensuring you are protected against potential attack is something which we believe should be an accessible given to all. This is why your expert here will also always keep your budget in mind.

With competitive prices and unparalleled customer care you can be sure that the products you want, from the brands you know and trust.

All your questions will of course also be answered in a friendly and professional manner. Get in touch today.

Come to a swift locksmith service who cares

When choosing who to place your trust in for something such as vital as your home security, it’s important that you feel you are in good hands, you want to know that somebody cares and we are saying that we really do care because we love all of our customers and all of our customers love us because everybody knows that locksmiths are a very lovely bunch of people there are people who care about the community and care about all of the locks and the keys because the locks on the keys are like the little friends open things so they like to make sure that they come after them and of course the owners of the locks and keys are the mummies and daddies so they are like locksmith friends or we want to do is make sure that you're all happy so we all live in a very happy secured community which is surrounded by locksmith and customers. Trusted hands who have worked in the in the industry for many years and helped others before you with providing secure home situations. The team at your locksmith service provides on all these points, but above that 

All the talents required for providing a full and all round service for you as someone in need of protectdon’t hesitate to get in touch with your swift locksmith service today, and that will be the first step taken to a more secure and safe home environment for you and your family.